9. nacionalna radionica Young Crew Croatia

Po deveti put okupili smo mlade projektne stručnjake i uz sunčanu i morsku atmosferu na Krku učili upravljati projektima.
Kroz dvije dinamične i interaktivne radionice, polaznici su savladali osnove Scruma.
Mastering Scrum for Generation Z – A Scrum Master’s workshop su vodili predavači Ivan Kosovec (Infinum) i Igor Babić (Inceptum), dok je druga radionica Product Ownership from Trenches za svoje predavače imala Domagoja Ćuka (Erste Card Club) i Balázsa Hadu (IncepTech).
Vidimo se sljedeće godine na novoj lokaciji u Hrvatskoj.
Mastering Scrum for Generation Z – A Scrum Master’s workshop
Scrum is probably the most popular agile framework at the moment. With attending this workshop you’ll get a short introduction to Scrum Master responsibilities. The main focus is to learn intermediate and more advanced skills and techniques of a modern Scrum Master. With Generation Z getting on the market, we’ll focus on mastering the art of Scrum with younger and less experienced Scrum teams. To cover as many as real life work challenges, you will be split into groups with other attendees!

Product Ownership from Trenches

Team value maximizer and the one who ensures that the team builds the right thing are some of the ways one can describe the role of a Product Owner. Join us to learn more about the responsibilities of the PO, how to collaborate with the team and the Scrum Master, how to work with users and stakeholders. We will get into the nitty-gritty of creating a Product Roadmap and how to create and manage the Product Backlog, what to do on those weird Ceremonies. We will go into the nuances of Release Planning, how to envision features and create user journeys then break them down into S.M.A.R.T. User Stories. But most importantly, join us to have some fun while getting actionable tips and tricks straight from the trenches.



PM Workshop 2019
Valamar Koralj Romantic Hotel Krk