PMbasics: Work breakdown structure

WBS is a diagram of project components in developed and related levels from  product to the detail. WBS is necessary for an efficient planning and control. To put it simply, WBS is hierarchical break down of a project into smaller elements which together make total content (scope) of the project. The main task of WBS is to define a project to its parts which can be individually organized, planed and assigned to  persons or teams.

WBS components are: structure (graphic layout), the division method (several possible methods), the level of detail and the number of levels of WBS division (usually three levels). Although there are many division methods we will mention the two which are widely used: product division and process division.


There is no universal way of making a WBS, it is not a matter of science but company or project manager culture who need to tell you how to perform a given project.


Here is an example 🙂

If we take a construction project of a residential building as an example,the most appropriate type of WBS is processing division. For the purpose of transparency and organizational pragmatism we will split up into three levels where  last one will be the level of deliverables.WBS organized in that way represents the project manager who divided the content into smaller deliverables and who will delegate them to certain teams and that will ensure him the transparency and the ability to monitor and control the execution. Line 1.1 has been put out for easier representation of WBS structure.


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