Sponsors of the PM Workshop

This year our workshop is supported by several partners whose support we have to highly credit. Thanks to their financial or material support we were able to organise our workshop on a much higher level and we will try to offer our participants a fullfiled and memorable experience.


In the next couple of paragraphs you can find out more about our sponsors and donors.






Our dear partners BTravel had contributed a lot to our workshop. BTravel Agency was created as a result of cooperation of a number of professionals who have proven themselves by working in other agencies on the Croatian and regional markets. In a very short time, BTravel has become the go-to place for everyone travelling or organising travels in Croatia and the region.


Platinum sponsors




Primakon team members are experts with more than 10 years of experience in implementation of solutions and consulting in the field of project management. Reliability and cooperativeness in work with clients have been proven by a series of successful implementations in various industries.

The Primakon team either operates as an extended project team of the client or works on behalf of the client in which case it supervises the whole project from the very beginning till its end, including the phases of project definition, design, contracting, construction and subsequent use.

Primakon team advises companies and project team members on key issues:
-in planning, monitoring and control of investment projects and programmes
-in creation of project solutions for a variety of investment strategies
-in implementation of project and organizational solutions for companies
-impact and risk management during implementation
-provision of project management solutions:
-assistance in making decisions on optimal solution choice of:
-advising clients on selection and cooperation with designers and contractors, solving unplanned and unforeseen problems that have occurred during project execution




Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak –

HBOR) was founded in 1992 as 100 percent owned by the Republic of Croatia. Today, HBOR has the role of a development and export bank and an export-credit agency. HBOR’s activities are primarily targeted at the promotion of establishment and development of small and medium-sized companies, tourism, agriculture, innovation, use of available EU funds and environmental protection.


HBOR’s key role is to encourage the enhancement of the competitiveness of the Croatian economy primarily by financing investment in the modernisation of production and new products, offering working capital for pre-export finance, financing foreign buyers of Croatian goods and services, issuing performance-related guarantees and insuring collection of payment for export receivables.


So far, HBOR has, through its programmes, supported 55 thousand projects implemented by Croatian entrepreneurs totalling more than HRK 152 billion.


Silver Sponsor



Xellia Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on providing important anti-infective treatments against serious and often life-threatening infections. Our anti-infective treatments are generics that combat serious bacterial and antibiotic resistant infections as well as certain fungal diseases.



Ministry of social policy and youth, Ministry of Economy and TB of Biograd.

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JGL, Jamnica, Vesna Zadro – ‘Frajerica handcrafted jewelry’ brand

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Once again we want to thank all of our sponsors and donors for supporting this project and we hope to enjoy it all together next weekend.