Ski Weekend 2017- Krvavec, Slovenija

Two weekends ago in Slovenia, we had a gathering of Young Crew members from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy.  The group was accommodated at Terme Snovik where we enjoyed  thermal swimming pools and saunas. More adventurous half of the group spent their time skiing at the ski resort Krvavec.

The goal of the Ski Weekend was to socialize with other Young Crew members through various activities, workshop, networking and we managed to do it.   😀 We participated in workshop „How to organize a successful event?“ organized by Nika Močnik.  We also spent our time dancing, singing, playing interesting games (mafia <3) and just talking and introducing each other.

Thanks to our Slovenian friends for helping us organizing this amazing event and thanks everyone for coming! This was a really great and very interesting weekend. We hope to see you next year!



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