PMbasics: Project

Project is an endeavor constrained in time and resources aimed to realize precisely defined products compliant with goals.

Projects combine organization, work and people. Production combines them also, but the difference is that projects are: temporary (clearly defined start and end), unique (the resulting product have at least some differences from similar products) and performed by team (with flexible and variable structure). Other essential components are: phases, scope, structure, constraints, stakeholders, risks…

Here is an example 🙂

A conference should be organized as a small project, which would contribute to its success. When organizing conference it is best to start by creating a project plan in which we need to define start and end of our project (one-time endeavor). In order to fulfill our duties we need to engage people with whom we will work on a project (team) and every conference is different (different team/place/time – unique). For achieving our goals (successfully organized conference) it is substantial to have good content and structure, we also need to analyze all risks (what can go wrong) and consider all stakeholders ( for example, suppliers ).